EBRIA records
italian independent label since 2003. Focused on avantgarde/minimal music, we like to listen to sounds that pay attention to experimentation and research. We are all musicians too, so we care also about the process of composing and performing music

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Bronto 003

wallace 56

All instruments played by Paolo Cantù and Xabier Iriondo

Recorded and mixed by Uncode Duello at Traystudio and Arciblob.
Additional sounds, arrangement, mix and mastering made at Zulogorria and Phaus

01L'alba Del Disagio
02Nursery Rhyme
03Prestu, Pentsakor Eta Pegatu (PPP)
05Soundtrack For Ud
06Jf Sleeps
07In Collisione
08Riso Spezzato
09Growin' Down (Crescendo)
10Free Steps
11Anatomy Collides
12Debut Rescue

I made music with Paolo and Xabier that I could never imagined. Six Minute War Madness has been perhaps a band for few passionate persons than a popular rock band (and our music had never been “popular”). We played not so much, but we discussed a lot. In that newborn context this basic ideas  carried Paolo and Xabier in starting one the bravest and enterprising musicianship in the world. For twelve years that they experimented together, continuousl, Uncode Duello, is the result of a long period of hard job, careful listenings, readings and visions, studying the use of instruments, sounds, dynamics, from the newest to the oldest machines and technology.  This is “The” record by Cantù and Iriondo, because they have produced and thought the whole thing by themselves, making treasure of past experiences and putting all into it (SMWM, A Short Apnea, Tasaday, Four Gardens In One) meeting and crashing, as it’s always necessary for important projects. Twelve years in a "duello without a code” because they play like the expert improvisers, to who it’s enough one look, a signal, to knowing what to do. But Paolo and Xabier are not “pure" improvisers and they know that, so they build in meticolous way their compositions, And the music created is insane as nothing of what they produced in past. There are no links with A Short Apnea’s no-wave or Tasaday’s new-wave to reduce that disease feeling. All it is much more dark, cold and deliberately full of negativity.A perfect Soundtrack for these years.

Federico Ciappini

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