EBRIA records
italian independent label since 2003. Focused on avantgarde/minimal music, we like to listen to sounds that pay attention to experimentation and research. We are all musicians too, so we care also about the process of composing and performing music

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Bronto 009


Martino Acciaro - drums, typewriter noise
Maurizio Bosa - bass, am/fm waves
Roberto Acciaro - guitar, trombone, am/fm waves

Recorded in may 21 and 22, 2006 by Ivan Antonio Rossi at shape recording studio in cascina (PI). 
Mixed and Mastered by Ivan Antonio Rossi.

01Loft Serenade
02Ingredienti Per 3 Persone
03Dismorfofobia Di Marylin
04Could Your Brain Be More Reflective Than A Mirror?
05Dustin Soup
06Utilità Sociale Intesa Come Interesse Della Collettività Alla Manifestazione Del Pensiero
07NO_ Thing's Possible With_Out 4Strings And A New Coat
09Stroke 4 Gradient Red
10La Contessa Abbandona Le Gare
11Ozio Acrobatico

Tanake is unexpected music, heart lungs sweat (even brain but kept in a hidden place), it is music mentally physic, physically mental, twilight at dawn, bitter honey, fresh decomposition, joy in crying. Tanake is music generated by her 3ree sweethearts.
In the early days [in the first album tsu.zu.ku.] Tanake meant to reach structure by means of improvisation, but time left the songwriter soul all alone, and tanake’s been surrounded by the never ending claustrophobic space of pure improvisation, melody and cacophony.  The oposites stays together in a meeting of melodic dissonances proud of generating rarefied climazes slackenly generating anxiety, instruments stroken creating sweet melodies, sometimes fondled until they roar their pain, trembling, greedy of an eardrum to beat and caress.
An evidence of this process is the new album 3ree, released by nipa.prodz, Ebria Records and Fratto9 Under The Sky records.

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