EBRIA records
italian independent label since 2003. Focused on avantgarde/minimal music, we like to listen to sounds that pay attention to experimentation and research. We are all musicians too, so we care also about the process of composing and performing music

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Bronto 002
Bar La Muerte

Bruno Dorella - timpani and percussion 
Stefania Pedretti - vocals, guitar, violin

Recorded and mixed by Riccardo Gamondi Mastered by Marco Milanesio

01 Candida
02 La Peste
03 Ombra Nell’Ombra
04 Efesto
05 La Saponatrice Di Ferrara
06 Spezzata
07 L’Anno Del Cane
08 Phiphenomena
09 Signora Bella Con Cane Gentile

OVO is a project of music and life. OVO are Stefania Pedretti (also singer and guitar player of Allun) and Bruno Dorella (ex Wolfango, Bugo, Lava, now involved in many bands and head of Bar La Muerte records), often joined by friends from many different musical scenes. Bruno and Stefania basically started this project to stay together: they were used to follow their partner's different bands on tour, but they were also sick of the problems that every group has connected with the members lives, works, studies. It was natural for them to form an open but autonomous duo, free to tour and record with or without the collaboration of other musicians. A lifestyle project, so. Or the last frontier of DIY, or the maximum freedom level.


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