EBRIA records
italian independent label since 2003. Focused on avantgarde/minimal music, we like to listen to sounds that pay attention to experimentation and research. We are all musicians too, so we care also about the process of composing and performing music

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Bronto 011

Tiziano Doria - sounds and noises
Sergio Montemagno - trumpet
Andrea Reali - voice and distortions
Paolo Romano - doublebass.

Mixed by Paolo Romano Mastered by Scott Hull at Masterdisk Photos and Graphic project: Tiziano Doria Screen Printing and Print: Unzalab

Side A
01 session_09
02 session_19
03 session_13
04 session_19B

Side B
05 session_15
06 session_16
07 session_12
08 session_21
 White dawn, the beginning of the world. From thick leaves and warmth, from dark soil nourishing on ripeness, from hidden sounds of animals, from light and from dark, from long gone languages, dark callings, from hills of insects, from a snare, from a deep breath, atmosphere arises, enigmatic conductor of those who will listen to the stuff of dreams. A wild, visionary record.
Lavorazioni Carni Rosse is a state of being rather than a way of playing. Subjected, like all of us, to subliminal and coerced external momentum. Warped, amplified, Improvised music.


Vinyl copy available on Soundohm

Digital album available here

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