EBRIA records
italian independent label since 2003. Focused on avantgarde/minimal music, we like to listen to sounds that pay attention to experimentation and research. We are all musicians too, so we care also about the process of composing and performing music

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I/O - s/t (2003)

Bronto 001

Paolo Benzoni - drums 
Luca Mauri - guitar
Andrea Reali - voice
Paolo Romano - doublebass.

Recorded and mixed by I/O at Ebriastudios Mastered by Alberto Cutolo at Massive Arts

01 Iobisa
02 Io4def
03 IOB
04 lobisb
05 Iobis2
06 Io2a
07 IOC

I/O is band with members coming from countries near Milano and Como (in the north of Italy). I/O music in the CD  moves on the research of a personal impro formula played around repetition and timbre.

The band’s interest is focused on the process of interaction of sound that brings to the (de)structuralization of the song: the process (dynamic), more than the final result (static).

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